Lista de Discussão Mensagem #102
De: Technical Support, Stalker Labs <>
Assunto: [*] SpamCatcher plugin 2.8 released
Data: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 06:04:24 -0800
Para: <CGPupdate>

MailShell SpamCatcher plugin version 2.8 has been released


Platforms available:
* FreeBSD 6.2+ x86
* Linux-x86
* Windows-x86

Changes from 2.7:
* Includes SpamCatcher Engine 5.0.12 with the following changes:
  1. Improved reliability.
     * fixes a couple of crashes that occurred in around one in every
       million messages. We apologize for any inconvenience this bug may have
     * fixes a potential rule corruption that can cause a major drop
       in accuracy.
     * includes a new crash recovery system that will, after restart,
       skip rule files that were being processed during a crash.
  2. Enhanced LiveFeed real-time lookups for improved accuracy.
  3. Various minor bug fixes.


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