Lista de Discussão Mensagem #165
De: Technical Support, Stalker Labs <>
Assunto: [*] SpamCatcher plugin 3.7 released
Data: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 07:32:32 -0700
Para: <CGPupdate>

MailShell SpamCatcher plugin version 3.7 has been released


Platforms available:
* FreeBSD 6.2+ x86
* FreeBSD 6.2+ x86_64
* FreeBSD 7 x86
* Linux-x86
* Linux-x86_64
* Windows-x86
* Windows-x86_64
* MacOSX-UB(Intel+PowerPC)
* Solaris-Sparc
* Solaris10-x86

Changes from 3.6:
 * Includes SpamCatcher Engine 6.4.0 with the following changes:
   Fix for hang during shutdown.
   Fix for crash during logging of HTTP calls on Windows.
    Fix for crash in SPF handler due to snprintf format string.
  Improved bounce and backscatter detection to block more bounce and backscatter messages.
   Improved language detection through use of code pages.

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