Mailing Lijst Bericht #216
Van: Technical Support, Stalker Labs <>
Onderwerp: [*] SpamCatcher plugin 4.0 released
Datum: Wed, 22 Jul 2015 06:04:47 -0700
Aan: <CGPupdate>

MailShell SpamCatcher plugin version 4.0 has been released


Platforms available:
* Linux-x86
* Linux-x86_64
* Windows-x86
* Windows-x86_64
* FreeBSD-9 x86 (New)

Build for MacOSX should be available later. Solaris support is canceled.

* Includes SpamCatcher Engine 8.0.0 with the following changes:
  Improved Anti-Phishing detection.
  Improved email attachment detection.
  Added support for querying message-ID to LiveFeed.

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