Mailing List Message #224
From: Technical Support, Stalker Labs <>
Subject: [*] Cloudmark plugin 2.6 released
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2016 06:51:18 -0800
To: <CGPupdate>

Cloudmark spam filtering plugin version 2.6 has been released.


Platforms available:
* Linux-x86
* Linux-x86_64
* Solaris-Sparc
* Windows-x86
* Windows-x86_64
* FreeBSD9-x86
* FreeBSD9-x86_64

Changes from version 2.5:
Includes Cartridge 3054.0.1.18 with the following changes:
Performance enhancements:
 * A new unified fingerprinting preprocessing which reduces CPU requirements and increases message processing throughput by 50-100% compared to Cartridge 3053.
 * Increased efficiency in functions such as URL extraction and attachment unzipping which are now carried out in the preprocessor.
Accuracy enhancements:
 * Unzip functionality which now supports zip within zip nested file recursive extraction.

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