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Subject: RE: off topic - passive smtp proxy with rewrite capabilities?
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 14:45:53 -0400
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Kind of simplistic, and not likely fun to administer, but I reckon you could place a Linux box running sendmail in front of the Barracuda, forward all mail to domain2 to the barracuda unchanged, and set up an /etc/aliases file that points every user@domain1.dom to the appropriate lastname_firstname@domain2.dom. Not fun to manage, and not high-tech, but I imagine it would work if nothing else does.

Another option would be to add the domain1 username as an alias to the domain2 account, and just forward mail sent to user@domain1.dom to user@domain2.dom using CGP. You could either use a separate box running in front of the Barracuda, or maybe there is a way to write the router rules on your existing CGP box like this:

1.) All mail for domain2.dom received from the Barracuda is delivered.
2.) All mail for user@domain1.dom is forwarded to user@domain2.dom, which is an alias for lastname_firstname@domain2.dom.
3.) All mail for domain2.dom received from anywhere OTHER THAN the Barracuda is forwarded to the Barracuda.

Whether that would work or not is certainly beyond my knowledge level, but if it does, you would not need to install, configure, pay for, or administer another server or server instance.


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> Subject: off topic - passive smtp proxy with rewrite capabilities?
> Hi everyone,
> This is somewhat off topic but I figured someone out there
> might have a
> suggestion.
> We have a Barracuda model 400 as our MX server and it hands off any
> email it accepts over to our CGPro server. What we would like
> to do is
> put some sort of passive device in front of it that could do the
> following....
> 1. If any recipients address in a message has
> rewrite the
> address to be
> 2. Have it rewrite the left side of any recipient addresses,
> for example
> would be changed to
> by
> the time it got to the Barracuda.
> I said it needs to be 'passive' because the Barracuda needs
> to know the
> original source's IP address because it uses that for blacklisting
> purposes. We want to rewrite the left and right side of the addresses
> because we have way too many quarantine accounts on the
> Barracuda (one
> per possible email address) and by trimming it down to one
> domain and a
> lot less aliases it would help ( is just an alias to
> in our CGPro setup).
> We cannot use the LDAP feature or the Explicit Users options
> within the
> Barracuda that would take care of this issue for us :-(
> Anyway, this might be wishful thinking... just curious if
> anyone had a
> thought on this.
> Thanks
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