Mailing List Message #100592
From: Wiley Sanders <>
Subject: Re: IMAP session time limit
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2010 07:30:05 -0700
To: <CGatePro>
Linux now defaults to being able to support something like 2.4 million
open sockets, so I've decided this is a good thing, since the only
resource consumed is an open socket. Our CGPro host is licensed for
2000 users and we actually have more than 2000 IMAP clients at times
due to users with mobile devices, etc. The devices that seem to keep
sockets open for weeks at a time are almost all Blackberrys.This is
necessary to facilitate mail "push".

You can limit the number of cached connections, but, below 5, users
will be baffled by transient error from Thunderbird and other clients
that try to connect with 5 sockets or more by default.

One possible resource limit feature request would be to limit the
frequency of polling. Some of my users poll multiple times per minute
(I don't know how - the lower limit in Thunderbird is 1 min.) But that
might not have any effect, since I have no data that a poll induces
much system activity, if any.
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