Mailing List Message #101807
From: Jeff Wark <>
Subject: Re: XIMSS proxy safe mode
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 13:07:03 -0400
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>

On 3/30/2011 12:05 PM, Graeme Fowler wrote:
On 30/03/11 16:56, Jeff Wark wrote:
We were just looking at some firewall settings and noticed that port
11024 was not forwarded to our mail servers.

I thought that was the port required to use the pronto XIMSS protocol.

That's the port to use XIMSS itself (ie. the listener there expects
XIMSS requests). Pronto can either use "normal" mode where it sends raw
XIMSS requests direct to the HTTPU listener (which understands them),
but in Proxy-Safe mode it sends them encapsulated in HTTP requests.

In "normal" mode, requests made via any proxy will fail. In proxy-safe
mode they'll be forwarded normally.

We front-ended our CommuniGate Pro system with an Apache webserver; to
use Pronto we had to force proxy-safe mode on for everyone.


Thank you for your explanation.  I believe I have a slightly better understanding of it now.
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