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From: Todd Clayton <>
Subject: Re: Incoming Mail from External Server Using From Addresses of Local Mail Users
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2012 14:54:35 -0500
To: <>
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2012/1/4 Todd Clayton <>

Hopefully I am going to explain this clearly...

Here is some background information:

1. The mail server users are all remote/mobile.
2. There is a barracuda spam filter sitting in front of the mail server.  So, the mail server sees all incoming mail as coming from the barracuda and not as the end-user IP.
3. I only allow authenticated users relay mail through the server since if I allowed local client IP's and all mail comes from the barracuda IP, all mail will be allowed to be relayed if I understand it correctly.

This configuration works fine for everything except when users received mail that is sent from an address on the server itself from a 3rd-party site.  So, for example, if my email address is (in this scenario is my mail server).  Bob goes to CNN and wants to notify me of an article and enters  When CNN sends the mail to the server, it sets the from address as  So, my mail server rejects the mail with the message that it requires authentication.

Is there a way to allow mail sent to local email addresses from other local email message to be delivered without requiring authentication?

Thu, 5 Jan 2012 13:56:03 +0100  MickaŽl Maillot <>

go to Domain Settings, Unknown Names, Mail to Unknown: set "Accepted and bounced", now your server will accept non existant mail from

Thanks for the suggestion.  These users are known, though, right?  These are valid users and the messages are coming from valid addresses.  So, I'm not sure that this will help.

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