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Subject: Re: Messages stuck in Outbox
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 14:28:51 -0500
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Thank you Lyle for sharing your experience.  The 2G limit on sent folder is not it for me as the entire account has about 600MB, this issue happens randomly, for example a particular account may work fine for weeks and then ones in a while exhibit this issue.
The wrong characters in emails , I have seen that too since MAPi came out 10 years ago, but this new issue is somehow related to the type of message or what is in it.
I am surprised not may people reported this issue.
Chris V.
From: Lyle Giese
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2012 11:58 AM
Subject: Re: Messages stuck in Outbox
On 09/28/12 11:48, Lightology Postmaster wrote:
Hello all,
I have an issue where messages are getting stuck in outbox and I am wondering if anyone else on the list is have similar issues. I will try to explain:
- from time to time messages remain stuck in outbox, on various users with various combinations of win xp, win7-64, outlook 2007 , outlook 2002(xp) or outlook 2010.
- some messages appear with italics letters in to and subject
-some messages can be dragged and move from outbox to other folders, some as soon as I try to drag them they disappear.
-sometimes the recipient is getting the message although it remains in the outbox, but most of the time the recipient is not receiving it.
- I suspect is has something to do with the type of message, or the encoding, also I suspect forwards or messages with read receipts.
- I reported the issue to support, but we can’t really figure it out yet.
Chris Vlad
I encountered these causes:

1) top message has a bad email address or is too large to send.  This can end up blocking the rest of the messages in the Outbox.

2) The sent folder is full.  The older versions of Outlook were limited to 2g folders and if you upgraded to a newer version of Outlook without that restriction, the folder may still be the old style and retain the 2g size limitation.  This may present as the message was sent, but stayed in outbox.

In the case of 1, a message that is too large, Outlook will keep retrying and you may not be able to move/delete it while Outlook is trying to send it.  In this case you may need to disconnect the computer from the network and then clean out the outbox.

Sometimes we see bad email address that have single quote ' marks around them.  CommuniGate may see that character as part of the email address and reject it.

It's always been an Outlook issue whenever I have found messages stuck in the Outbox.

Lyle Giese
LCR Computer Services, Inc.
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