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From: Massimo Bolzoni <>
Subject: Re: Yahoo, unreachable for too long ?
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2014 20:14:52 +0200
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
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as I outlined in my last email I have no problem at all receiving from yahoo.

All of this discussion about other mail servers is pretty funny in my eyes… mever seen a software vendor telling competition is good :P (and I am speaking about all kind of software)

AFAIK communigate is NOT dead and I deal daily with people in support field and developement.

My personal exprience is that thighs get fixed … sometimes with long time waiting, sometimes more quickly. Manytimes is really other parties failure.

So assuming your good-faith to share your opinion … can you please try to send this test mail to my personal address that runs on a CGP 6.0.9 ??

My test results in no failure as I posted last day here.

In case we can schedule also a timing for the test so I can debug the incoming connection.



Il giorno 08/ott/2014, alle ore 15:04, "Taylor, Jonn" <> ha scritto:

> This is actually a problem with CGP even though support says not. I can
> send test messages with the same attachments to 4 different mail servers
> that we are demoing right now and NONE of them have this problem. In
> fact when I was talking to other companies that make mail server
> software they thought that CommuniGate Pro was dead.
> In light of the things that I have seen on this list and the responses
> that I got from support. I thing it is time to move away from
> CommuniGate. I like what they have, they are just not fixing things list
> ActiveSync, Calendaring other issues like this one. Always saying the
> problem is someone else is not a good sign.
> Taylor Telephone Systems, Inc <>
> Jonn Taylor
> 651-683-4002 Direct / 651-245-4836 Cell /
> <>
> Taylor Telephone Systems, Inc Office: 651-454-5866 / Fax: 651-683-4019
> 8334 Argenta Trail, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077
> On 10/07/2014 07:40 AM, James Roman wrote:
>> On Oct 7, 2014, at 7:00 AM, CommuniGate Pro Discussions
>> < <>> wrote:
>>> *From: *"Taylor, Jonn" <
>>> <>>
>>> *Subject: **Re: Yahoo, unreachable for too long ?*
>>> *Date: *October 6, 2014 at 9:43:38 AM EDT
>>> Search yor logs for this.
>>> 19:54:40.348 3 SMTPI-020151(
>>> <>) failed
>>> to receive message body (11850 bytes). Error Code=message line is too
>>> long
>>> 20:22:37.813 3 SMTPI-020199(
>>> <>) failed
>>> to receive message body (3741 bytes). Error Code=message line is too long
>>> 21:00:33.034 3 SMTPI-020251(
>>> <>) failed to
>>> receive message body (12964 bytes). Error Code=message line is too long
>>> 21:04:07.560 3 SMTPI-020260(
>>> <>) failed
>>> to receive message body (14835 bytes). Error Code=message line is too
>>> long
>>> 21:05:23.167 3 SMTPI-020262(
>>> <>) failed to
>>> receive message body (3742 bytes). Error Code=message line is too long
>>> 21:08:18.474 3 SMTPI-020268(
>>> <>) failed to
>>> receive message body (4159 bytes). Error Code=message line is too long
>>> What OS are you using? I am on CentOS 5.11 x86_64
>>> Taylor Telephone Systems, Inc <>
>> This doesn’t look like your connection with Yahoo is actually using
>> TLS (or at least your mail server doesn’t think it is). Are you using
>> a firewall that is configured to inspect your mail traffic (Cisco ASA,
>> etc.)?  If you telnet to port  25 on your mail gateway from an
>> external host what response do you get? It should look something like:
>> prompt$ *telnet / <>/ 25*
>> Trying…
>> Connected to <>.
>> Escape character is '^]'.
>> 220 <> ESMTP is glad to see you!
>> *EHLO / <>/*
>> <> we trust you
>> <>
>> 250-DSN
>> 250-SIZE 31457280
>> 250-ETRN
>> 250-TURN
>> 250-ATRN
>> 250-HELP
>> 250 EHLO
>> *QUIT*
>> 221 <>
>> <> Mail Server SMTP closing connection
>> Connection closed by foreign host.
>> Replace the server name and host name with the appropriate values.
>> If you don’t see the STARTTLS command returned or it is returned with
>> something like “2-XXXXXXXXX” then your firewall is screwing with your
>> mail stream and preventing TLS communication so that it can inspect
>> the contents of the message. This inspection is on by default on most
>> Cisco firewalls. This is normally appropriate for SMTP connections to
>> or from clients behind a firewall, where they are trying to bypass
>> your mail gateway, but not for the mail gateway itself. You would need
>> to configure a separate (non-default) inspection rule for your mail
>> server.
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