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Subject: AW: Yahoo, unreachable for too long ?
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 14:04:27 +0200
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in the past CommuniGate has made fixes for problems of other mail servers. And I'm quite sure they would do this also today - if it makes sense.
They're surly aware of the fact, that often the smaller company is blamed for a problem without even looking into it. And obviously you need to react in such cases.
But sometimes you, as the small player, have all the work looking into a problem and at the end you need to convince your customer, that the problem is with the big guy and you cannot solve it on your end :-(

Problems with CommuniGate are very rare and it's really a very stable and solid product.
That said, there are surly a few things they need to address with more priority. Most of them have been mentioned on this list in the past.


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I do agree that living in an ecosystem make sense to do the best to avoid problems and fix situations even if they are not cgp fault.

That is actually happening in many situations one for instance is the sip workaround, others have been implemented during the years.

Off course implementing a workaround for a problem that occurs only in some situations is not so easy or it would not make sense.

You did not notice this problem, me either.

Personally I dislike blaming, generally speaking, and the general mean of the mail semmed me to would only blame cgs...


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> Il giorno 10/ott/2014, alle ore 16:48, Tom Rymes <> ha scritto:
>> On Oct 9, 2014, at 10:31 AM, Massimo Bolzoni <> wrote:
>> Ciao,
>> James tat is the point, if the composer is not following RFC we can
>> not blam CGP to comply … saying others do not :)
>> Max
> I have no idea what is really happening here or whose fault it is, but your logic is wrong. If Yahoo is to blame, that only means that it is not CGP's fault. It does NOT mean, however, that CGP should not do something to work around this broken implementation. Depending on the reality of what is happening, CGP could:
> 1.) Smugly point out to each and every angry customer that it is not their fault and watch as those customers slowly migrate elsewhere.
> 2.) Implement a workaround to keep customers happy, even though the fault lies with Yahoo. Optionally swear at Yahoo for being so big that they can get away with this crap.
> Chances are that no one little problem like this will result in the loss of customers, but these little things are cumulative and affect users' opinion of the quality of the system. In other words, end users (including the people who write the checks) don't care one whit who is at fault. All they care about is "Does it work or not?"
> Tom
> PS: I have NOT noticed this problem, and I am still quite happy with CGP, FWIW.

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