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You can also use the Commungate  convert script in the script repository that works well


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Once you choose a preferred format, my preferred method of migration is to ensure all connections to that account are closed (phone, etc), and set the default format to what you want it to be. Then log in via webmail and rename the Inbox. 

The system will automatically create a new one in the new format, then move the existing messages over to the new inbox and delete the old one once it is empty.

Good luck,


On May 28, 2015, at 3:55 PM, Gib Henry <> wrote:
Yikes!  Thanks, Philip!  I looked at his inbox, and he’s definitely a pack-rat!  Yeah, I think that’s it, so I’m getting him to create some folders to move all that stuff into.  Hopefully that chore will make him re-think keeping all that junk. 

I remember some discussion about the various mailbox formats, and I suppose ours, dating from CG (not Pro!) 1994, are probably outdated.  I’ll have to look into migrating (ugh!).  Cheers,
Gib Henry

On 5/28/15 8:59 PM, Philip Slater wrote:
Version 6.2.3?

How big is the Inbox? Is it .mbox? Is it very close to being 2GB?

If the answers are yes then there is the source of the issue.


On May 28, 2015, at 11:45, Gib Henry <> wrote:

CGP 6.2.3, Mac OS X 10.9:  We have no size or number-of-message limits set for our users.  A check of Users/Domain Defaults, Users/Account Defaults, and Users/username/Mail shows message size limits are unlimited; send alerts is set at 80% and notice is set at 90%, but the particular user has never received either of those.  Settings/Mail/SMTP/Receiving Message Limits is set to 100Mb.  He is currently using less than 9Gb for IMAP mail storage (pack-rat!).

However, he can no longer receive large messages of about 25Mb (which he used to be able to); the sender receives a bounce notice stating that his account is full, and our log shows:

09:51:52.331 1 MAILBOX(jay/INBOX) cannot append a message (19957669 bytes). Error Code=account is full (quota exceeded)
09:51:52.331 1 MAILBOX(jay/INBOX) [3791477] failed to store. Error Code=account is full (quota exceeded)
09:51:52.331 1 ACCOUNT(jay) [3791477] failed to deliver. Error Code=account is full (quota exceeded)
09:51:52.331 1 DEQUEUER [3791477] LOCAL(jay) failed: account is full (quota exceeded)

So I tried sending the file to my personal CGP server, and got

552 message exceeds the fixed maximum message size

But my personal CGP server log showed

12:49:11.085 1 SMTPI-001673( Too many protocol errors, aborting. [] is blacklisted for 2700 seconds

So, what’s the deal here?  What changed that he can no longer receive a 25-30Mb message?  Is there some fixed limit, or is it a protocol problem?!  Thanks for any insight.  Cheers,

Gib Henry

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