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From: support <>
Subject: Re: hPronto Compose Issue - Case[CLB50618-662CD]
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2015 16:10:08 +0300
To: Robert Webb <>, <>

On 18.06.2015 15:15, Robert Webb wrote:
Anyone having issues with the hPronto and the compose button. On mine,
every time I click on the compose button, the folder listing opens up. I
cannot compose an email with hPronto because of this issue.

Have tried on Firefox 38 on Centos 7, Firefox 37 on Windows 7, and IE 11.

Yes, we've seen this issue and already fixed it. It repeats only for List View, and even for it, if you press left part of Compose button, it should work. Also, if you turn on new Fresh in hPronto (Preferences -> General -> Skin), it should work.

You can wait for 6.1.4 which will be available by the end of the next week, or you can download fixed Pronto Skin here:

Just replace hPronto with files from this archive and restart server.

See image


Best Regards,
Semyon Khatov
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