Mailing List Message #105708
From: Juergen P. [core] <>
Subject: Pronto Drive Installation on a CGatePro Cluster
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 21:51:06 +0200
To: <>
X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pronto! 6.1

Cluster installation of ProntoDrive

Shell Steps:

Create a cgi-directory in the CommuniGate data directory on each node (default /var/communigate)

mkdir /var/CommuniGate/cgi
chmod +x /var/CommuniGate/cgi

copy the two files from the zip directory to /var/CommuniGate/cgi
(QRreferer.cgi, ProntoDriveZip.cgi)
If an upload not works that easy you can use an editor if you have shell access, touch both files and copy each files contents to the server, because the files dont have much lines.

Admin-Panel Steps:

Create a unnamed Cluster skin (if you dont have one, already) and upload following files (Users-Skins-Cluster-wide).


"Uncache" the unnamed skin.

Create a Cluster Skin named "ProntoDrive" and upload all files from the zip (pronto-drive-master/ProntoDrive/* )  directory.

"Uncache" the ProntoDrive skin.

Restart CommuniGate Po on all nodes (it worked for me already without a restart but to be on the safe side ....).

Directly call the skin with https://your.cgp.server/?skin=ProntoDrive

Best Regards

Juergen Paulhart

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