Mailing List Message #105795
From: Brian <>
Subject: Automatically reject emails other than for a few domains?
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2015 08:11:43 -0700
To: <CGatePro>

I have a bunch of domains pointing to my web/mail server but I only need email service for a couple of those. As it stands, whenever an email comes in for a domain that I'm NOT using for email, communigate checks dns, issues an error message about a dns loop, and then sends a report back to the sender's mail server. Is there any way to skip all that and just have it recognize that if an email is not destined for a domain that is configured for email, that it should just reject or delete the emails immediately?

The way I'm set up, I have a main domain plus a couple of others that are aliases for that domain. Ideally, I'm brand new to communigate, so if you have any suggestions please make them detailed enough that they will be understandable to a total beginner. Thanks very much! :)

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