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Subject: RE: Simplex webskin - direct to Inbox
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2015 18:21:36 +0000
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We stopped using CGP a couple years ago and I spent a lot of time configuring WSSP skins for our site back in 2004. Especially menu navigation in the Yehaa skin (our favorite).  I don’t recall everything I had to do and it took weeks to figure out. It’s a complicated process requiring knowledge of HTML and the WSSP markup language. Stalker has documented this fairly well, but they don’t provide a how-to customize and make everything work. We purchased some custom skins (WASSP) from David Bakkers out of Australia, and a few things put out by Nicholas Hatier (he’s fairly active here). Sorry if I munged the spelling of their names. The cost of buying working skins may save a lot of headaches.

Look under WSSP


In particular, you must first learn how skin layering works and how to upload custom skin files.

WSSP skins rely upon settings in


These skin files may be of interest:



I noticed that the in my Simplex skin directory contained the following line:

StartPage = "frameset.wssp?";



Hope this is helpful. Contact me off-list and I can send what files I may still have. I cannot provide much help beyond that.


matthew black

california state university, long beach


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Subject: Simplex webskin - direct to Inbox


We have just upgraded to Communigate Pro v6.1.5 on a Red Hat linux server.


I asked this question around 5 years ago but have not been able to find the exact answer. In the Simplex webskin, when you login it does not divert to the Inbox.

Instead it stays on the summary of the status of the email account, etc.


Is it possible to modify this behaviour so that after logging in you are redirected to the Inbox in the Simplex webskin?

I am guessing that it is a parameter in the /opt/CommuniGate/WebSkins/Simplex/ file – but which one?



Thanks & Regards



Paul Dudley

IT Operations

ANL Container Line



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