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Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 14:49:05 -0500
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On 18 Nov 2015, at 10:03, Artëm Kazantsev wrote:

Anyone is running CGP on Amazon Linux? Can I use the linux rpm with it?
Any pros (besides the cost) and cons ?

A strong reason to NOT use Amazon to host an email server is that the way they manage their IP space makes them look like one big undifferentiated sewer to people receiving email, and to make matters worse they have a history of dealing with spammers on their platform very leniently. As a result, they have at times managed to land big chunks of their network space on various public and private blacklists. Early on, EC2 was so minimally policed that Spamhaus was listing all of it on the SBL for a while, which basically made it impossible to mail out of an EC2 VM. To this day, big pieces of EC2 are listed on the widely-used (but more easily mitigated) PBL, such as seen here:

Of course, the *published* blacklists are all less trouble in total than the private local ones scattered across the net somewhat randomly. Spamhaus runs the most widely-used blacklists and the best-run ones, so getting an IP that isn't sending spam off their lists is easy. Getting an IP off local private blacklists is likely to take more effort and you won't know about each case until some user's crucial mail is bounced by some small system with a part-time admin.

On a cloud platform, you get the aggregate reputation of everyone who's ever used it, and for Amazon that includes many professional spamming operations intermittently over the years plus a huge persistent population of spambots on compromised VMs.
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