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From: Palvelin Postmaster <>
Subject: Re: Routing all but one address
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 17:22:27 +0200
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
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Even better! Thanks Brian! :)

> On 27.11.2015, at 17:14, Brian Turnbow <> wrote:
> Or use unknown mail feature of the domain settings with "rerouted to"
> Then just create the mailbox(es) you wish to receive directly on .all others are rerouted to the one specified in rerouted to.
>> From the help
> Rerouted to:
> the address is changed to the E-mail address specified in the text field, and the Router restarts trying to route this new address.
> Note: you specify an E-mail address, not an account name there. So, if you specify Rerouted To: Postmaster for the Domain, messages sent to unknown names will be routed to the Postmaster account in the Main Domain, not to the postmaster Account in that Secondary Domain. Specify to direct those messages to the postmaster Account in the Domain.
> Note: you can use the asterisk (*) symbol in the E-mail address field. This symbol will be replaced with the original (unknown) name.
> Sample:
> The Domain Mail to Unknown Name option is set to
> Rerouted to: Bad-*
> A message comes addressed to, and the Account jjones does not exist in the Domain.
> The message is rerouted to
> Probably be easier for the team to troubleshoot than looking at the route records

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