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Subject: Re: Out of office message when a member of a DL
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 08:13:04 -0800
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Let me go into the basics of the automated out of office/vacation message and you can then make your decision on how you want to go forward.

So first here is the conditions and actions of the vacation message

      ("Current Date", "less than", “#DATE"),
      ("Human Generated", "---"),
      (From, "not in", "#RepliedAddresses")
      ("Reply with", “#Message"),
      ("Remember 'From' in", RepliedAddresses)

If you note the second condition, “Human Generated”, that means that for the vacation message to be true, the message must appear to come from what we consider a human source.

This will help with the “Human Generated”

Human Generated
This condition checks if the message is not generated by some automatic message generating software.
Note: this condition has no parameters, so the operation code and the parameter value (if any) are ignored.
It actually checks that the message header does not contain any of the following fields: Precedence: bulk, Precedence: junk, Precedence: list, X-List*, X-Mirror*, X-Auto* (except for X-Auto-Response-Suppress), X-Mailing-List, Auto-*
This condition also checks that the message has a non-empty Return-Path.

So a message to a group has the following: X-Autogenerated: group

Which means that your distribution list has that type of header.

Unfortunately, you cannot create a lower priority rule that checks to see if the message is from the group and then reply to the message without it looping. This is because you would have to turn off the groups ability block the automated response and the inability of CGP to correctly store the #RepliedAddresses of a group email.

I know I tried


On Jan 26, 2016, at 19:19, Paul_Dudley <> wrote:

> It appears from out testing and recent experience, that if you are a member of a distribution list, and you have an out of office message set, if an email is sent to that distribution list, the sender does not receive your out of office reply.
> Is there any way or setting to change so that the sender will receive your out of office message if an email is sent to a distribution list that you are a member of?
> Thanks & Regards
> Paul Dudley

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