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หัวเรื่อง: Re: Still being sold?
วันที่: Mon, 1 Feb 2016 11:52:55 -0500
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Hi Alastair,

Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll try to go that route.


> On Feb 1, 2016, at 16:40:43 +0000, Alastair Burr <> wrote:
> Hi Todd,
> I can confirm that it does work on El Capitan, as I have been running it on my home server for a while which I upgraded a while back, but I did have to do the "csrutil disable" fix to get it to work (as mentioned in the support tick you linked).
> However, regarding who to contact in Communigate sales, I can only confirm that the Europe side of things were responding to me back in November. You could maybe try ordering via: or calling their support number listed on and they might be able to put you through to sales?
> Alastair
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