Mailing List Message #105992
From: James Moe <>
Subject: Re: Failure to connect with
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2016 14:12:29 -0700
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
On 02/12/2016 12:02 PM, James Moe wrote:
> Error Code=unknown secondary
> domain name
  This was due to a setting that was counter-productive. In
General::Other::TLS Sessions "Process Target Domain extensions" was set.
Poor choice.
  However, unsetting that feature has had no affect on accessibility by
  Below are other log entries which indicate a failure to connect. Note
the 15 minute timeout. These are all of the log entries for a typical
failure to connect.

12:30:06.677 2 IMAP-000377([]) ''
connected(CLRTXT) from []:42690(tls)

  -- wait for it --

12:45:16.962 3 IMAP-000377([]) read failed. Error
Code=connection reset by peer
12:45:16.962 2 IMAP-000377([]) ''
disconnected ([]:42690)

13:50:30.493 2 IMAP-000664([]) ''
connected(CLRTXT) from []:2161(tls)(temp client)

  -- wait for it --

14:05:46.504 3 IMAP-000664([]) read failed. Error
Code=connection reset by peer
14:05:46.504 2 IMAP-000664([]) ''
disconnected ([]:2161)

  Any ideas what may be causing this?

James Moe
jimoe at sohnen-moe dot com
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