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From: <>
Subject: Calendar Issues
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2016 07:10:46 -0800
To: <CGatePro>
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Hi everybody,

after a very long Night i finally did surrender and decided to
ask that, most likely, simple Question on the Mailinglist. I
was not able to find something about my problem in the Archives
or the HowTo. Obviously i'm the only one encountering the
problem or the only one ever needed that kind of stuff.

Simple enough: I want to make a Calendar (public) where everyone
can put in Events and read, delete and (here it comes) *edit*
every Event no matter what user created it.

It seemed easy enough and everything works fine but the "edit" Part :(

Created a new User "public"
logged in as public and created a Calendar called 'For all'
gave every of the 4 Users all rights in the ACL
really every right including administer
created 2 Entrys

logged in as user_1
already had the Calender available
could do anything BUT edit the Entrys

Strange thing is: i did test it with all the available Themes for
the WebUI and noticed that in some of them i do not have the 'delete'
option either. Which makes me think that i might be not stupid but
just have to enable something in the WebUI or Outlook Client to make it

I know it's not the best first posting in a Mailing List and i
will try very hard to come up with something complicated in the
next one but for now i'm simply completely stuck and would appreciate
any Idea or Link that might help me to solve the Problem.

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