Mailing List Message #106011
From: James Moe <>
Subject: being rejected redux
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2016 13:06:44 -0700
To: CGPro <>
  cgate-pro v6.1.9
  linux 4.1.15-8-default x86_64
  sending MUA: Apple mail (fairly recent version)

  So I renewed the license and upgraded to 6.1.9 from 5.4.11. And still is being rejected; it is a different reason this time.
Previously it was because TLS negotiation failed.
  Now it is something about the EHLO command? I do not see what the
problem is. I tried a manual telnet session from both a local and remote
session, and got a happy response to both "EHLO []" and "EHLO":
" we trust you []".
  Or maybe because I did not test in a secure session?
  I presume there is something in the response that the Apple Mail MUA
does not appreciate?

10:01:00.713 4 SMTPI-002041([]:46991) []:465
<- []:46991 incoming connection(
10:01:00.845 4 SMTPI-002041([]:46991)
TLS-002539(ECDHE_AES128_SHA256) connection accepted for DOMAIN(
10:01:00.845 4 SMTPI-002041([]:46991) rsp: 220 ESMTP
CommuniGate Pro 6.1.9 is glad to see you!

10:01:00.885 4 SMTPI-002041([]:46991) cmd: EHLO []
10:01:00.885 4 SMTPI-002041([]) rsp: your
name is not []\r\n250-DSN\r\n250-SIZE\r\n250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN

10:01:00.922 4 SMTPI-002041([]) cmd: QUIT
10:01:00.922 4 SMTPI-002041([]) rsp: 221
CommuniGate Pro SMTP closing connection
10:01:00.922 4 SMTPI-002041([]) TLS connection is closing
10:01:00.922 4 SMTPI-002041([]) closing connection
10:01:00.922 4 SMTPI-002041([]) releasing stream

James Moe
moe dot james at sohnen-moe dot com
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