?: Kurt Albershardt <kurt@nv.net>
??: TLS cipher issues
??: Tue, 2 Aug 2016 13:53:13 -0600
?: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <CGatePro@mail.stalker.com>
Had a rash of these awhile back and thought we had quashed it, but they seem to have come back in the past few weeks.

Seeing these for aol.com and a few smaller domains:

11:54:14.288 3 SMTP-025876(aol.com) failed to establish a secure connection with []:25. Error Code=server TLS cipher method is not supported

13:45:27.360 3 SMTPI-061795(xyz.com) failed to accept a secure connection for DOMAIN(nv.net). Error Code=TLS version supported by client is too old

We've enabled CBC for old chiphers to no apparent effect.

I set TLS logging to 'all info' and see lots of detail for HTTPU and IMAP sessions, but those lines above do not appear to have nearby lines giving any detail.  Do the SMTP session numbers pertain to the TLS numbers?


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