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Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 11:11:35 +0300
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On 2016-08-27 02:27 , Roberto Michelena wrote:
Hello all,

It seems the PBX function of CGPro is very little known or used… but
now that I want my office to migrate from the analog PBX to digital,
and we already bought a bunch of used Cisco 7940G phones for a very
low price, and also a Grandstream FXO gateway… well, being that our
CGPro server is there already, I’d like not to add another box and
rather will give a try to implement it. Is there anywhere a step by
step guide, or any additional literature besides the CGPro manual

No, there's no additional guide.

But the process of attaching SIP phones is expected as simple as configuration of a mail client: you need to enter the CGpro server address to phone config and supply the same credentials as you would use for a mail client. In addition it's convenient to assign to accounts digital aliases (like 200 is assigned by default to the pbx account) - for the ease of dialing using digital keyboards of SIP phones.

Thus you get the basic capability of dialing from a user to another user.

The next step is to configure a break out to PSTN - using and external VoIP provider or a hardware gateway. <> This depends on particular gateway/provider: some require registration to receive calls, some can be configured to send incoming to particular URIs on the CGpro side. For outgoing calls it's always recommended to set up calling through the gatewaycaller script, as described in teh manual.

There was a product some time ago I believe, that added an extra (and
more PBX-oriented!) WebGUI layer to the PBX functions of CGPro, even
some extra functions… did it disappear? is there something like that
out there?

That has been discontinued.

And finally… does anyone know if the function of Automatic Busy
Redial (when placing a call to an outside line, the station can dial
*66 first to enable it, and if the call hits busy, the system keeps
trying by itself…)… if not implemented, can it be implemented via
configuration of the CGPro server?

Some modifications for existing PBX scripts will be needed for this function.

Best regards,
Dmitry Akindinov.
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