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Here is what is in the strings.version.data file in /ope/CommuniGate/WebSkins/hPronto


cat strings.version.data


ProductNameTag = "Pronto!";

ProductVersionNumber = "6.1.14";

ProductRevisionNumber = "3419";


On Fri, 30 Dec 2016 09:48:45 -0600

Robert Opalko <opalko@oxfordms.net> wrote:

What is shown in Preferences->General->Version?


(Mine shows 6.1.13 on the splash screen but 6.1.14 in the version page.)



Robert Opalko

City of Oxford



On 12/30/2016 9:44 AM, rwebb@ropeguru.com wrote:


Just following up...


On my hPronto login screen I am still seeing version 6.1.13 but the strings.version.data file is showing 6.1.14. I have cleared all my cache and used several different browsers and even reinstall the rpm.


Any ideas?


On Thu, 29 Dec 2016 10:03:51 -0500


rwebb@ropeguru.com wrote:


So I just recently rebuilt my email server on a new host. Old host

was version 6.1-8 and new version was 6.1-13 at install time and I

just updated to 6.1-14. Both old and new are CentOS.


To move over data, I backed up the /var/CommuniGate directory from

the original host and restored to the new host. All ownership

appears to be correct as does the chmod values.


My issue is with the hPronto "Automatically Select Message"

options. On the old host, turning this off, viewing an email, then

deleting the email, would take you back to the email listing. Now,

when I delete the email being viewed, it opens up the next email.

I have tried toggling the option several times and applying the

change in between but the issue still exists.


I do not know if this is a result of the restore from the old host

to a newer version or if it is an issue intruced somewhere from

version 6.1-8 to 6.1-13.


Any ideas?


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