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Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2017 10:16:31 -0500
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If a customer is paying for support, then it is reasonable to expect some form of non-automated response when opening a support ticket.


On 1/11/2017 3:40 AM, Brian Turnbow wrote:
Hi everyone ,

The biggest gripe we have with the webmail is how html is handled.  (try
replying to an html email to see how it comes out)
The only way to get it working is to use a third party webmail externally
( roundcube for example).
Hpronto has gotten much better as it has progressed and I know a lot of work
has been done on the  realtime side.
It can now be used as an integrated voice/im/email collaboration client.
If just for email maybe it is not the best solution.
They have also added the new search indexing in the fresh  skin which was a
huge problem on the cgp skins on large mailboxes, so to say it is dead is

There are a lot of people in communigate that really care about the solution
and if you have problems with support I suggest giving a call to your sales
They can get in touch with the right people on the pronto team.
If you opened a ticket  it does get tracked and placed into the work queue,
and down the road they will send you an email saying it has been fixed in
6.1.x release...
But maybe not give you any feedback before the fix.
Nothing fixed == nothing to say


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Hi Robert,

I don't use the default skins, so I can't help you with your specific
problem. But
before you dump CGP altogether, maybe check out the LookOut skin from
Niversoft ( It's well-

But you're not wrong, getting a bug fixed I CGP can take a long time, if
happens at all. Years ago I reported that CGP with --dropRoot would start
helpers as root (and then wasn't able to kill them later) as well as
create the first
logfile with owner root (if it didn't exist). After a year or two the
first half of the
bug got (silently) fixed, but CGP is still writing the logfile as root

Eventually I just cronned a script that fixes the owner on the log file,
and the
helper problem I also had worked around with a script: periodically check
if any
helpers were running as root and, if so, kill them so CGP would restart
them as
user cgatepro and force the right permissions on helper files with SUIDDIR
in the
kernel and the sticky bit on helper dirs.

Also, CGP is still shipping with a bunch of trusted (by CGP) root CA
that are expired or were revoked because of compromise (and even one known
rogue CA). This issue I reported July 2015 (also on this list, see:
1024bit, MD5 & a rogue/fake "Built-in trusted Certificate(s)" (root/CA
certs) in
CGP"). They removed a few from the distribution, but left most in place.
GlobalSign S/MIME certificate is still not trusted by CGP unless I
manually add
the CA.

CGP is great when it all works, if it doesn't work you'll need to be
working around the problem(s) yourself. For instance, by using a 3rd party
using opensmtpd and/or stunnel as a gateway between CGP and the internet
get more control over SSL/TLS sessions than the 6 or so options/toggles
offers, manually trash and rebuild the trusted CA list, etcetera.

Those are the only two issues I reported, but I've encountered many more.
Unfortunately most seem FreeBSD-specific and from how the rc.d script is
written for FreeBSD (an abomination) combined with how long it took to
the package format to pkgng, it's pretty clear to me their developers
understand FreeBSD very well (nor test on it regularly). So it seems a
waste of

But to be honest, I have a few people that need Outlook, and like the
of running MS Exchange even less ;) In any case, don't expect too much
support or the list.

Good luck!

   Terrence Koeman, PhD/MTh/BPsy
      Darkness Reigns (Holding) B.V.

Please quote relevant replies.

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Subject: Re: hPronto issue

I am finally giving up and downgrading back to 6.1-8.

No discussion list response and no response to support ticket. Looks
like CommuniGate is now dead!

Time to research for a new email server.

On Fri, 30 Dec 2016 18:50:42 -0500 wrote:

Last issue I will bring up is that I do not like now having to go
through multiple pages to see all my email. Used to be that you could
just scroll and the additional messages would load.

These two issues need to be fixed.

On Fri, 30 Dec 2016 11:50:31 -0500 wrote:

So I was able to just confirm that somewhere between 6.1-8
6.1-13/14, the hPronto interface has drastically changed in look and
has broken the automatic next message option.

to confirm, I did the following:

1. Downgraded 6.1-14 to 6.1-8

2. Restarted CG

3. Cleared browser cache

4. Went to the hPronto login page (Here, the page was

5. Logged in, went to a message, deleted it, and was returned to
list of email messages

6. Updated CG to 6.1-14

7. Restarted CG

8. Cleared browser cache

9. Went to the hPronto login page (Here, the page was
different again)

10. Logged in, went to a message, deleted it, was taken to the

11. Confirmed that the option was correctly set

Noted another difference that now both the Preferences -->
and login screens are showing the correct current version number

So can someone from Stalker take a look at this? The automatic
message option was an irritation from the original roll out and now is


On Fri, 30 Dec 2016 10:50:49 -0500 wrote:

Here is what is in the file in


ProductNameTag = "Pronto!";

ProductVersionNumber = "6.1.14";

ProductRevisionNumber = "3419";

On Fri, 30 Dec 2016 09:48:45 -0600

Robert Opalko <> wrote:

What is shown in Preferences->General-

(Mine shows 6.1.13 on the splash screen but
6.1.14 in the version


Robert Opalko

City of Oxford

On 12/30/2016 9:44 AM, wrote:

Just following up...

On my hPronto login screen I am still
seeing version 6.1.13 but
the file is showing 6.1.14. I have cleared all my
cache and used several different browsers and even reinstall the rpm.

Any ideas?

On Thu, 29 Dec 2016 10:03:51 -0500 wrote:

So I just recently rebuilt my email server
on a new host. Old

was version 6.1-8 and new version was
6.1-13 at install time and

just updated to 6.1-14. Both old and
new are CentOS.

To move over data, I backed up the
/var/CommuniGate directory

the original host and restored to the
new host. All ownership

appears to be correct as does the
chmod values.

My issue is with the hPronto
"Automatically Select Message"

options. On the old host, turning this
off, viewing an email,

deleting the email, would take you back
to the email listing.

when I delete the email being viewed, it
opens up the next email.

I have tried toggling the option several
times and applying the

change in between but the issue still

I do not know if this is a result of the
restore from the old

to a newer version or if it is an issue
intruced somewhere from

version 6.1-8 to 6.1-13.

Any ideas?

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