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On 2017-01-13 19:34, Robin Lewis wrote:
Im trying to save a copy of emails sent via .NET SMTP client in users
Sent folder, This feature seems missing from .NET SMTP client.

As Nicolas said already, SMTP has nothing to do with sender's mail folders.

But you should be able to add a special Bcc recipient to the message. That may be just an alias to the sender account in CGPro - then you can check in a server-wide rule if "Any Recipient IS special_alias@domain" and on a match "Store in ~sender@domain/Sent Items".
Or, if Direct mailbox addressing is enabled in the LOCAL module settings, that extra Bcc recipient address can be Sent#sender@domain - so a copy is delivered directly to the Sent folder of the "sender@domain" account and no rule is needed. (Folders with spaces and non-ASCII symbols in names are a problem here, but can be handled through Folder aliases.)

So Im trying to work out how to do this with CGP rules.
We have a web app (.NET) which generates email orders and sends to 3rd
parties, works well. But would like to save a copy in the users sent folder.
Order emails are sent through account orders@mycompany.com
<mailto:orders@mycompany.com> (From address) and the Reply to address is
set to userx@mycompany.com <mailto:user1@mycompany.com>
So would like to have a rule, if from: orders@mycompany.com
<mailto:orders@mycompany.com> then Store in userx@mycompany.com
<mailto:userx@mycompany.com>/Sent Messages
(where userx is a variable IE Reply to address)
Is this possible to do this with a server based rule
Any suggestion welcome


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