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Communigate has tls 1.2 from 6.1 ,  so if the server is up to date you
should be ok.
You can set the “oldest accepted” to tls 1.2  in the general  → other  to
force tls 1.2.
Be aware that this may break connections to other mail server that are not
configured to support 1.2...
As it is a global setting.


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Can CGP send using TLS 1.2 when forwarding mail to a smarthost? (SMTP /
Sending , Forward to...)

My client's ISP tells me TLS 1.2 is enabled on their server and they are
going to retire 1.0 within a few months.
Send Encrypted (at the bottom of the same page) is configured properly.

However, in the logs, the TLS version used always seems to be 1.0:

12:32:03.191 2 TLS-000006 created(TLSv1.0,ECDHE_AES256_SHA) -> [x.x.x.x]:587
for SMTP-000007
12:32:03.277 4 SMTP-000007(*) TLS-000006 secure(ECDHE_AES256_SHA) connection

I don't know enough about TLS to be sure whether or not the issue is on CGP
side or on the ISP side.

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