?: James Moe <jimoe@sohnen-moe.com>
??: Statistics monitoring
??: Thu, 17 Aug 2017 15:03:27 -0700
?: CGPro <CGatePro@mail.stalker.com>
CGPro v6.1.15
linux 4.4.79-4-default x86_64

  I have a couple questions about the Statistics presentation in CGPro.

1. On the page <.../Master/Monitors/StatList.html> are the values
presented the totals from program start? The docs make no mention of the
timeline for the data.

2. I set the Preference for the monitoring display to 1 hour (60 min).
It never even gets close to showing that length of time. The ultimate
limit seems to be about 40 minutes regardless of the browser's viewport
  I am using the "Basic" display. I tried "Dashed"; it showed less data,
about 30 minutes, even though there was more screen width available.

  Is there some way to actually see a hours' worth of data?

James Moe
moe dot james at sohnen-moe dot com
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