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??: ASync client prohibition for ex-staff
??: Fri, 27 Oct 2017 11:31:48 +1000
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CGP 6.1.8

Windows 2012 (64)

A staff member was sacked this morning. I changed the password and noticed multiple incorrect password access attempts to the email address he used to use. So, until I could work out what was the easiest thing to do I simply removed mobile access from that account.

Next, after reading the manual, I changed Enabled Mobile Device IDs for that account. It was *, I selected the radio button for the next line and wrote this:


PGLJ9FQPHT1GPEC810HQ91K70G is the ID of the iPad which was registered in CGP admin for that email account.

I then enabled mobile access for that email account again. Does this look right? Or have stuffed it?


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