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Sorry Richard,

I don't get you here.
> If the business plan does not include keeping mission critical software
> like
> your mail server up-to-date, whether buying future versions, maintenance,
> or subscription. Your business plan is severely flawed. It is a cost of
> doing
> business just like the internet connection itself.

Maybe you should reread what I wrote

>>This was the actual model until now, everyone has made an initial
>> and kept yearly maintenance active which had given upgrade rights.
>> As a service provider offering services we made our business case off
>> this

I purchased a Software.
The licensing agreement clearly states that keeping the software in
maintenance gives me upgrade rights.
I keep it in maintenance according to my business plan.

Now they change the licensing agreement to subscription and quintuple my
yearly costs.

So the business plan should account for this from the beginning?

I fail to see your logic.


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