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??: Too many recipients error - v6.2.0
??: Tue, 28 Nov 2017 11:09:52 +1100
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Since upgrading to v6.2.0 overnight we are now seeing a number of staff having emails rejected because of a “too many recipients” error.

These are emails which prior to the upgrade were able to be sent OK (staff are just doing a reply all or resending previous emails).

The number of recipients was around 20 in the cases I have seen which is not too many.


The error in the log is:


09:57:02.39 1 TEMPFILE(161166608) failed to submit for xxxxxxx@anl.com.au. Error Code=too many recipients

09:57:02.39 1 IMAP-017407([]:50444) [161166608] failed to submit. Error Code=too many recipients


We checked under Settings -> Mail -> SMTP and the maximum number of recipients set there is 1500.


Is anyone aware of a new or changed setting somewhere relating to the number of recipients or the maximum number of characters in the To or Cc field?






Paul Dudley




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