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On 2017-12-03 08:45, Nicolas Hatier nicolas.hatier@niversoft.com wrote:

I found a few weird entries today in my Windows event logs about a dev Communigate Pro server:

STCharset::toUTF8(gb2312) inp < end:(45)nicolas.hatiernicolas.hatier@niversoft.com\214\208\185

Provider name CommunGatePro, Event ID 100, Level 2, Task 1

There is no error in CGP logs around that timestamp. The CGP logs show I was moving messages between mailboxes.

Any idea? I don't worry too much, but you know, curiosity...

It's a debugging output: the set of low-level routines used for converting text between char sets. In some cases messages based to two-byte Chinese character sets use sequences of bytes that can not be decoded as correct Chinese symbols and thus converted to UTF8 (usually for XIMSS-based clients or WebUser). In that case these low-level routines dump those sequences, but have to use only the low-level logging facility that also writes to system logs or console.

Best regards,
Dmitry Akindinov

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