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Subject: Re: Chronos Delete and Archive Folders
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2017 12:51:32 +0300
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On 2017-12-27 23:38, LynList wrote:
Thanks for the response. I’m looking at the CLI info now:

Couple questions:

Looks like Archive is a folder (Archive.folder) that contains mailboxes (2012-07.mslc, 2012.08.mslc, etc.). Therefore, the mailbox class will need to be changed for each of the mailboxes? As new Archive mailboxes are created, they won’t have the empty Mailbox Class, correct?

Also, for some reason, I’m unable to issue the correct path to view the current Class for the mailboxes inside of the Archive folder.

516 mailbox not found

Because it's not a mailbox strictly speaking (it does not have associated storage) - just an hierarchy node.

GETMAILBOXINFO user@dom MAILBOX Archive/2012-07
500 CLI command syntax error

Strings should be quoted when they contain slashes, this should work:

GETMAILBOXINFO user@dom MAILBOX "Archive/2012-07"

On Dec 27, 2017, at 1:56 PM, Technical Support, Stalker Labs <> < <>> wrote:

On 27.12.2017 20:33, LynList <> wrote:
I think I asked a similar question some time ago, but I can’t find the answer (sorry).
Mailbox Storage (Chronos/Mailbox Cleaning and Archiving):
When an account is configured to Archive Messages after 365 days, messages are moved to Archive folders. If the Delete Messages after 730 days Is also set, will the messages older than 730 days in the Archive folders get deleted? It seems like this is not the case - messages in Archive are untouched by the Delete process.

The answer is here: <,1,AcYzvf_H7gyJ43vNa7ZOrcH7KOh3FX7les-7JSxtuCJ6-E7jg65780PJAXcihd0HhFWqDVq3sP9W8CdovNe6SDqqndX2rvipFvssht0sUNY,&typo=1>
If the Delete Messages after Account setting is set to any value other than Never, all messages from all Account Mailboxes which are older than the specified time period are periodically deleted. This process does not apply to Mailboxes with a non-empty Mailbox Class - i.e. to Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and other non-mail Mailboxes.

The Archive Mailboxes created to copy INBOX and SentItem messages are created with a non-empty Mailbox Class.

If you want messages from there to be deleted - you can reset the mailbox class via CLI.

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Roman Prokhorov

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Dmitry Akindinov

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