Mailing List Message #106685
From: Luis Gonçalves <>
Subject: Re: IPv6 Communigate in Centos 7
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2017 10:39:52 +0000
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
I suppose I solved putting my IPv6 addresses in "Lan IPs" box

Às 09:55 de 28/12/2017, Technical Support escreveu:

On 2017-12-21 17:14, Luis Gonçalves wrote:
Dear All

      I have my CommuniGate working in IPv4/IPv6 but it downfalls to only IPv4.

Does CGPro webAdmin -> Settings-> General -> Info show IPv6 as Enabled?
Try to start the server with --IPv6 YES

I made a scan of the IPv6 ports of the server and they are off.

I done

firewall-cmd --zone=public --permanent --add-port=xxxx/tcp

to the ports of

But only the ports of IPv4 seems to open

But both interfaces are on

[root@v-1 network-scripts]# firewall-cmd --get-active-zones
   interfaces: eth0:1 eth0

Can you help me, please?


Luis Gonçalves

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