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From: Technical Support, Stalker Labs <>
Subject: Re: [CGP] CGP 6.2.1 : enforced sender check and eMail forwarding "copy all mail" rule for the internal/own domain
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2018 17:09:59 +0300
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
On 29.12.2017 23:50, Andre Mueller wrote:

CommniGate Pro : 6.2.1


We have enforced these days our eMail-Server with DMARC and DKIM checks.

Since there we have problems on forwarding eMails to domain internal addresses set by "copy all mail simplified rule". We use for some internal groups standard eMail-Accounts with "copy all mail to simplified rule" actived, but also for standard forwarding purpose like postmaster > our-actual-admin. As default we have used for years the setting "Send unchanged Copy". Now the forwards do not work anymore and on the servers log we can see for theses forwards the following error messages:

19:19:54.718 3 QUEUE([1553727]) Identity( 'User of my Domain' <> check failed: Error Code=Not allowed address
19:19:54.718 1 QUEUE([1553727]) Enqueueing failed. Error Code=Not allowed address

and then

19:19:54.718 1 QUEUE([1553727]) Enqueueing failed. Error Code=Not allowed address
19:19:54.718 1 DEQUEUER [1553727] SYSTEM(user2)<> failed: Not allowed address
19:19:54.718 1 DEQUEUER [1553727] SYSTEM(user3)<> failed: Not allowed address
19:19:54.718 1 DEQUEUER [1553727] SYSTEM(userN)<> failed: Not allowed address

We can change this behaviour by changing the account setting from "Send unchanged Copy" to "Send on behalf of this Account". But that is not a convincing solutions, as CommuniGate Pro introduces first an "FWD:" in eMail title and second and that is worst, change the "from" address for all forwarded eMails to the accounts own address - thus e.g. In this way the original sender address is not any more apparent.

Is there any possibility to enforce sender check and in the same time have email copy functionality (to the same domain) to work without altering the origin sender information?

You can either enforce the sender check or send unchanged copies, but not both at a time.

The Simplified Rule was renamed from "Redirect all mail to" into "Copy All Mail To" to indicate that the Rule creates new instances of emails rather than resends the originals; and creating emails via Rules obeys the same restrictions as creating emails other ways.

Best regards,
Roman Prokhorov
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