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จาก: Sérgio Araújo <>
หัวเรื่อง: Re: Outlook 2016 Crashes with MAPI
วันที่: Tue, 30 Jan 2018 01:47:14 -0800
ถึง: <CGatePro>

On 30/01/2018 05:37, Shaun Gamble wrote:
Today has been a nightmare.

We had a Windows 10 PC with MSO2016. Outlook would not stop crashing. We uninstalled and reinstalled MSO three times. After the second time we tried installing MSO2013 instead. It would not accept the product key. Yay.

The third time, we did not bother with MAPI. We gave it an Active Sync account with the same CGP server and the problems disappeared.

This will now be our answer for all Outlook 2016 crashing from now on. I am no longer going to bother with MAPI. It is causing too many problems for our sites. Sometimes is not good enough.

About a third of our workstations have now experienced this problem.

Please explain how providing your Outlook 2016/2013 users with Active Sync allowed them to work in "workgroup" mode, with Outlook.

Or.. are you asking them to use their smartphone or tablets to manage contacts and calendars ?

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