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On 02/19/2018 11:03 AM, James Moe jimoe@sohnen-moe.com wrote:

>   On a regular basis, something like every 10 - 20 minutes, CGPro
> does... something, for 5 - 15 seconds. During that time it delays
> interactions with MUAs. From the user's point of view it all they see is
> the busy spinner. It is annoying.
  I have used some of the monitoring suggestion made in this thread. So far:
- The most egregious occurrence happens when the MUA is cleaning a
folder. I have some of them set to remove message "older than <n> days."
The disk usage spikes significantly during those periods, especially the
wait states.
- The disk drive where CGPro has its mailstore is both quite old and
rather full.

  SMART indicates it has over 65000 hours of runtime; that is almost 7.5
years. There was a period of time while the drive sat on the shelf. The
drive was probably purchased in 2008, maybe earlier.
  Its usage is 90% full with 25GB free.
  I plan to replace the drive with an SSD this weekend. That will likely
resolve the unavailability issue.

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