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On 15.05.2018 0:45, Christian F Buser mac-christian@gmx.ch wrote:
Hi all

Today a message arrived in my mailing list (which is operated with CG Pro 6.2.4), where the "From:" field was showing the following information:

From: Subscriber <listname@list.domain.tld>
Reply-To: Subscriber <real.address@domain.tld>

The "Subscriber" is placed when the real name is absent in the original post.

I was expecting that I would see - as before - the following insteas:

From: Real Name <listname@list.domain.tld>
Reply-To: Real Name <real.address@domain.tld>

In the subscribers list, the "Real Name" is available

It's not used when composing messages for subscribers.

for the person who is called "Subscriber" as well as for the (other) person who is addressed properly in list messages.

Why is the "Real Name" not always shown?

Thank you, Christian

Best regards,
Roman Prokhorov
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