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Subject: Re: Setting Startup parameter
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2018 09:00:57 +0300
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On 2018-06-07 03:24 , James Moe wrote:
On 06/05/2018 08:01 AM, Greg Saulsbury wrote:

In looking through the Archives I see “increase the size with the
startup parameter —DHKeySize 2240”

Dumb guy question HOW do I add this parameter?

   Add it to </etc/init.d/Communigate>. Find the line that starts with
"SUPPLPARAMS=". Add the above parameter. Restart CGate.
   For instance:
SUPPLPARAMS="--IPv6 YES --SMTPOutgoingTLSVersion 3"

Note however, that this file is re-written on most supported platforms when CGPro is re-=installed (updated to a newer version). The recommended approach is to use the SUPPLPARAMS parameter set in the file inside the Base directory (/var/CommuniGate/

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Dmitry Akindinov.
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