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Thanks Shaun.



Paul Dudley






From what you have listed here, it looks like the receiving server (bcsaust.com.au) is demanding your server (anl.com.au or the mailguard servers) authenticate with it to send an email to the recipient (xxxxx@bcsaust.com.au). Try sending an email to Chris Jones who is listed as the tech for the domain. If your sending directly from the domain is to bypass the mailguard servers then MX lookups could be an issue. Again, the receiving mail admin would need something in place at their end.

I understand the need for security in this one, hence the reason I think their mail server admin may need to look at it, possibly place your domain in the allowed sender's type table, if they have one. Otherwise try sending an email to the listed operations manager (Dorothy WIlliams - operations@bcsaust.com.au). Information all gathered from a quick MX lookup, a quick SMTP test and then visiting their website. :-)


On 15/08/2018 2:32 PM, DUDLEY Paul pdudley@anl.com.au wrote:

We are running CommuniGate Pro v6.2.0 on a Red Hat linux server. When we try to send emails to a specific external address, their mail system replies with the following delivery failure:


Failed to deliver to 'xxxxx@bcsaust.com.au'

SMTP module(domain bcsaust.com.au) reports:

host bcsaust.com.au says:

550 server without authentication.


At this point in time this is the only external email domain that we are sending to which is reporting this problem.

Are there any settings I can check on our CommuniGate Pro server?




Paul Dudley




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