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Thank you.  Our mailbox size is much larger.  We want to set quotas.  Knowing what others are doing helps.   Our staff treat email as a cross between a file server and document management system.  And the Delete key doesn't work on any keyboard.


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>Hi there,
>We have 152 mailboxes in one domain with 1.4GB of average size and 81 mailboxes in another domain with 1.2GB of average size.
>Biggest mailboxes are up to 10GB.
>No bigger issues with speed
>Piotr Stukin
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>Are there guidelines for the size of mailboxes for Outlook with the MAPI Connector?  Trying to figure out a mailbox size that optimizes performance.
>I understand that disk speed, bandwidth, the computer running Outlook and other factors impact performance.  
>But wondering if there are any best practices for mailbox size.
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