Mailing List Message #91711
From: Wael Shahin <>
Subject: Re: Oh, no, another challenge-response question
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 06:27:48 -0700
To: <CGatePro>
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On Mon, 2007-07-09 at 22:43 -0400, Lewis G Rosenthal wrote:
> Ugh. I had a discussion with a client this afternoon who has been weary
> of late of our tightened anti-spam measures. He is also weary of the
> perceived slow response of webmail (Pronto, too, I might add),
I am not sure if this might be the case here, but I have experienced a
slow WebMail my self and it turned out that I had I/O overload on the
machine. when the machine's I/O problem was solved my clients are happy
with the webmail performance even dial-up clients.
>  and the
> whole lot down the line.
> A week or two ago, I turned off *all* filtering for his domain at the
> firewall, warning him (of course) that this would release the floodgates
> (prior to this, he had approximately 16 messages in the spam trap on my
> Astaro-based Novell Security Manager firewall. Today, he told me that
> his inbox has over 300 junk messages...
> He swears by challenge-response (because Earthlink, Adelphia, etc.
> provide it...), and even though I told him how little I thought of such
> measures (and that I personally ignore challenges when I receive them),
> he still sees benefit in this technology (I scoffed at it some years
> ago, while attending a seminar on email security at ISPCON in Santa
> Clara...this was when it was relatively new - or so I thought at the time).
> So, this evening I started hunting for possible options to plug into my
> current setup. TMDA looks promising, as it's 100% Python, and I can
> surely run that on OS/2 without much hassle. The question is how to set
> it up as an option on a single user (or domain). Does anyone have any
> knowledge or experience with this stuff?
This topic was discussed earlier at

>  I'd simply like to be able to
> offer my client a solution to his satisfaction, and not just give him
> the negatives of this approach. He seems to get too many false positives
> (typically due to misconfigured mail servers on the far ends <sigh>),
> and we all (I'm sure) get the same kind of "too much / too little" stuff
> from our clients. Even end-user spam releasing isn't enough for some
> (well, when the blasted things get rejected because they aren't
> RFC-compliant, they're not going to even make it into the trap...)

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