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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 09:45:30 -0600
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Re: ActiveSync My CGP license is up for renewal next month.  Without a definitive statement from Stalker on these exact issues, it will likely not be renewed.  Our users are 80% Mac (educational) and of those, most are Entourage users.  I am sick of telling them “if you had a Windows machine, you could sync that way...”  Zimbra has given me some very competitive pricing and has Entourage support out of the box.  I really like how extensive I can build rules and router entries with CGP.  I do use those a lot and that is what has kept me with CGP since the vaporware Entourage support was announced.  However, as an Entourage user myself, calendar and contacts syncing is more important now than rules.


On 7/9/2007 1:06 PM, "CommuniGate Pro Discussions" <> wrote:

hi jon,

all very fine and dandy..

but as was mentioned in the excellent mail from richard davis cgp NEEDS
to provide real and complete integration into 3 areas:

BLACKBERRY and microsoft based mobiles, BLACKBERRY is the leader and
can't be ignored! we use notify but this is a work round NOT a solution
to cgp providing a full mapi connection which would drive a full bes setup.

Entourage (as promised!!), i think this is a very sore point for many
people who feel they where LIED too..

and as already exists outlook..

without these cgp is effectively crippled in a business enviroment,
there is no point having a 1 legged horse

the main hitch seems to be that as admin's we are willing to find
alternatives and work rounds and are happy, the people who sign the
cheques simply will not do this.. their buddies on the golf course use
blackberry and pickup their mail and stuff just fine, why do they have
to use this other software? entourage on his mac book just works, why
can't you make it work on mine? why don't we use exchange?

i think as i've said SO many times before stalker need to review if they
are really serious about the whole business communications side of
things and if so provide a COMPLETE package of access methods rather
than a half assed solution, which is what we now have.. or of course be
honest and say that what we've now got is it and we have to live with it
or go else where..

would it not be the case that with the addition of webdev and real mapi
as supported protocols all our lives would become MUCH easier?


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