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From: Wael Shahin <>
Subject: Re: Outbound routing for a specific domain using a specificipaddress...
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 16:20:07 +0300
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
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On Thu, 2007-07-19 at 12:03 +0100, Mike Cardwell wrote:

> >> The entire /24 one of my machines is on was blacklisted for a few days
> >> recently because someone sharing the same network as me was spamming.
> > This is not your mistake it is a mistake of the company that blacklisted
> > the whole /24
> Not really. They listed the network as per their advertised listing
> criteria, for which anyone who uses that particular list to block mail
> either agrees to knowingly, or blindly.
We went off-topic here but let me tell you this:
What you have said is nothing but a proof that destination mail server
administrator has messed up the configuration of his server, and missed
the whole concept of using RBL databases. A full /24 network to be
blacklisted for one user will include a lot of false positives and I
agree to some point that some RBLs might do that and that is exactly why
mail admins should use several ways of testing incoming emails and RBL
is only one step (which by the way should not be based on only one RBL
> > and your ISP for not taking proper action against spammers.
> Another false assumption. As far as I can see, they did take "proper"
> action. An ISP can't always pre-empt what one of their customers is going
> to do, but as long as they respond quickly and efficiently (as in this
> case) then they're doing their bit.
Before an IP gets blacklisted the there should be a lot of notifications
sent to the admin contact listed in the whois for that IP and ISP
admins. that if they were complying with the rules and providing a valid
email contact and actually someone is taking care of such complains.
> >> I asked my provider to give me another IP outside of that range whilst
> >> they sorted out the customer so I could use it for outgoing mail. Within
> >> 10 minutes of spotting the issue I was up and running again.
> > Then again I will not consider this to be a standard.
> > Misconfiguration happens and workarounds are needed most of the times
> > but your case is not the same for everyone.
> I was just trying to show that there are many reasons why someone would
> need to change their outgoing IP, in order to counter the assumption
> that the original emailer had an insecure machine and/or was spamming.
And maybe you helped a spammer somewhere?
> Mike

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