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> Martin -
> Actually it's not a downgrade, but an upgrade to the
> version limit (5.0.14) of my license which is two years
> old.  I looked into upgrading, but they wanted over 2.5
> times what I originally paid to upgrade the license.
>  Since I have less than 200 users and don't make much
> money on the email side, the upgrade price was beyond
> ridiculous.
> I like CGPro, but not being able to afford to keep it
> upgraded is going to force me to other, more reasonably
> priced products.  How is everyone else keeping up with the
> upgrades?
> -- Jack


Since you bought the 200 user license, Communigate has introduced lower license levels. They now offer 25, 50, 100, and 150 user licenses. Instead of renewing at the original 200 user level, you can save money by only renewing for, say, 50 users. Your upgrade costs will then be that much lower.

Call Communigate and ask them for details.


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