Mailing List Message #94392
From: Michael Wise <>
Subject: Re: X-Reverse-Check policy
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 10:47:25 -0700
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
No-archive: yes

On 2008.03.20 10:34 PDT (UTC -7) Kirnauskis Postmaster wrote:

How do you handle X-Reverse-Check failures? I'm wondering whether it would be relatively safe to completely reject failed messages. Or would some other practice be more suitable? Would it, for example, be possible to assign a SpamAssassin score to X-Reverse-Check failed messages?

You are definitely going to run into an appreciable amount of collateral damage if you reject on it. I use SA to score on it. There are several X-Reverse-Check failure types. I think I've got them all covered with these entries in my SA config:

header   REV_CHECK_DROPPED    X-Reverse-Check =~ /connection closed by peer/
describe REV_CHECK_DROPPED    Reverse check connection of sender mail address closed by remote server
score    REV_CHECK_DROPPED    2

header   REV_CHECK_FAILED     X-Reverse-Check =~ /address rejected with reverse-check/
describe REV_CHECK_FAILED     Reverse check of sender mail address rejected by remote server
score    REV_CHECK_FAILED     2

header   REV_CHECK_NORESP     X-Reverse-Check =~ /no response/
describe REV_CHECK_NORESP     No response from remote server to reverse check of sender mail address
score    REV_CHECK_NORESP     2

header   REV_CHECK_PROTOERR   X-Reverse-Check =~ /reverse check protocol error/
describe REV_CHECK_PROTOERR   Reverse check protocol error on remote server

header   REV_CHECK_REFUSED    X-Reverse-Check =~ /connection refused/
describe REV_CHECK_REFUSED    Reverse check of sender mail address refused by remote server
score    REV_CHECK_REFUSED    2

header   REV_CHECK_TIMEOUT    X-Reverse-Check =~ /read time-out/
describe REV_CHECK_TIMEOUT    Reverse check of sender mail address timed out
score    REV_CHECK_TIMEOUT    2

header   REV_CHECK_NORELAY    X-Reverse-Check =~ /no relay available/
describe REV_CHECK_NORELAY    No relay available for reverse check
score    REV_CHECK_NORELAY    2

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