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What if you have a web server on the network too, and only 1 outside IP address :(

Shaun Gamble wrote:
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Martin.Hepworth wrote:

I've found that redirecting the ports on firewalls doesn't work well at all.

It HAS to be port 80 and/or 443 for airsync to work. Why you wouldn't want to use 443 of course is your desciscion, but I wouldn't want all my email flowing clear text over mobile networks..


I was using port 80 for testing only (it's not easy importing a custom cert into WM5). However I have solved this problem. AirSync, as it stands, will not work with redirection. I really don't use port 443 on the server (all secure transactions now take place on third party machines). So I changed the SSL port for IIS to another port and added 443 to CGP. AirSync now works like a charm over a secure port.

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For some reason I cannot get this to work.

CGP 5.2.2 is running on Windows 2003. IIS also runs on this server. It
listens for mail.mydomain.dom and redirects to mail.mydomain.dom:8100
Directory Integration is disabled.

I've tried connecting via wireless and GPRS. I can logon to webmail with
the account used. However, trying to Sync with "Exchange Server" in WM
ActiveSync just shows incorrect password.

Here are the server logs:


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