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Bob wrote:
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What if you have a web server on the network too, and only 1 outside IP address :(

As long as it is something like iptables doing the port forwarding and not IIS/Apache doing the redirection, you may be okay. If you do not use port 80 or port 433 on CGP, then you will have problems. I run IIS and CGP on the same server, so incoming webmail requests for mail.mydomain.dom on port 80 will be redirected to port 8100, which only CGP is listening on. AirSync and Windows Mobile can't cope with this.

Shaun Gamble wrote:
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Martin.Hepworth wrote:

I've found that redirecting the ports on firewalls doesn't work well at all.

It HAS to be port 80 and/or 443 for airsync to work. Why you wouldn't want to use 443 of course is your desciscion, but I wouldn't want all my email flowing clear text over mobile networks..


I was using port 80 for testing only (it's not easy importing a custom cert into WM5). However I have solved this problem. AirSync, as it stands, will not work with redirection. I really don't use port 443 on the server (all secure transactions now take place on third party machines). So I changed the SSL port for IIS to another port and added 443 to CGP. AirSync now works like a charm over a secure port.

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For some reason I cannot get this to work.

CGP 5.2.2 is running on Windows 2003. IIS also runs on this server. It
listens for mail.mydomain.dom and redirects to mail.mydomain.dom:8100
Directory Integration is disabled.

I've tried connecting via wireless and GPRS. I can logon to webmail with
the account used. However, trying to Sync with "Exchange Server" in WM
ActiveSync just shows incorrect password.

Here are the server logs:



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